CLS' performing tools are operated by skilled and devoted employees resulting in better efficiency and money savings for our customers.

Readily adaptable machinery set-up combined with the large capacity of our tools are meant to answer quickly to our clients' needs.

Large warehouses protect raw material as well as finished products.


At CLS', the cutters used for wood turning and moulding milling
are machined on the premises by skilled technicians according
to the client's specs.

For all our cutters needs, we are completely independent from
outsourcing. This results into faster turnarounds.


We are equipped to do the following wood machining operations:

● Profiling and planing (Moulders)

We can profile and plane with these moulders wood parts up to 6 inches x 10 inches.

● High volume woodturning  (Automatic lathes)

We can turn wood parts with a diameter from 1.25 to 5.25 inches, 3 inches to 9 feet long.

● Dedicated woodturning  (Copy lathe)
We can turn wood parts up to a diameter of 18 inches by 20 feet. Our machinery is equipped with an ultra precise copying system enabling identical cloning of the original design.

● Multi-blades resawing

● Band resawing

● Wood end pieces machining using double end tenoner

● Multisaw trimming and wood classification

Miscellaneous cutting

● Assembling